Accenture and DataStax: Driving insights from big data at speed

Accenture and DataStax manage rapidly increasing volumes of diverse big data to help create more personalized online interactions.


Businesses today need to build and scale online applications that are always online. To do so, they must carefully manage the volume and speed of structured and unstructured data. Accenture and DataStax provide advanced big data capabilities, integrated with real-time processing, security, analytics and enterprise search, to help businesses deliver highly personalized online experiences for their customers and to help detect online fraud in real time.

Accenture and DataStax help manage and drive insights from internal and external big data across the digital enterprise. Our alliance complements Accenture’s big data offerings around NoSQL solutions and online transaction processing. It also strengthens our commitment to bringing emerging big data and analytics technologies to our clients, helping them to build outcome-driven data supply chains.

Why Accenture

Accenture and DataStax help clients build real-time enabled and scalable data supply chains that are fundamental to unlocking the value of data that an enterprise can access.

We move you from big data to big outcomes at pace through the DataStax Enterprise platform, which combines large volumes of external and internal data to help deliver context-aware personalization and create real-time offers for online experiences.

We build a technology ecosytem to help drive business results from big data by harnessing emerging technologies, such as DataStax’s big data-ready platform, one of the fastest and most scalable distributed databases available for online applications that require performance with limited downtime.

We help deliver end-to-end big data solutions at enterprise scale because we can bring world-class innovation and assets, advanced analytics skills, client experience and solutions for specific industries as well as across functional areas.

Our alliance enables businesses to deliver personalized online experiences for their customers and to help detect online fraud in real time, thanks to the platform’s advanced big data capabilities integrated with real-time processing and analytics.

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