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Accenture Customer Engagement

Bringing together the leading digital marketing capabilities of Accenture Interactive and the best-in-class solutions of the Adobe Marketing Cloud


Accenture Customer Engagement helps companies leverage our expertise and experience to deliver personalized and engaging digital experiences, without being overwhelmed by technology and solution integration.

Increased MROI
Achieve high-performance outcomes with cost-efficient usage-based pricing.

Faster Time-to-Market
Ready-to-use accelerators and connectors to enable faster results.

Reduced Complexity
Simplify digital marketing with integrated services and solutions, 100% managed by Accenture Interactive.

Greater Flexibility
Configure and scale at a pace right for your business–demonstrate results before making deeper investments.

The digital marketing need in the marketplace

Marketers are stretched thin
Brands today are connecting with more customers in more personalized ways through a growing number of digital channels, but with the same or fewer resources.

Complexity of solutions 
As more spend shifts to digital, marketers are challenged with managing a variety of solutions; it’s difficult to know which ones work well together and who to turn to.

Need to drive speed and simplicity
Marketing teams along with their IT colleagues spend too much time and resources identifying, integrating, and customizing digital solutions and services.

Fulfilling the marketers’ need

Accenture Customer Engagement is an integrated set of digital marketing services and cloud solutions to help marketers create engaging customer experiences and achieve superior marketing results more quickly.

End-to-End Services

  • Customer engagement—acquisition, growth, and retention

  • Digital innovation and transformation

  • Industrialized services at global scale

Adobe Marketing Cloud

  • Subscription-based, pay-per-use

  • Rapid deployment and integration

  • Industry-specific accelerators

Why Accenture and Adobe

Customer Experience & Design
World-class capabilities from Fjord: Design & Innovation, part of Accenture Interactive.

Industry-Specific Expertise
Deploy more relevant customer experiences more quickly with vertical market accelerators.

Usage-Based Pricing
Pay-per-use pricing for services and cloud-based solutions.

Integrated Services at Scale
Integrated services from design and build to manage and run at global scale.

Accenture Interactive has a long track record of collaborating with leading agencies around the world.

Speed & Flexibility
Easily configure, integrate, and scale solutions and services