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Increase engagement and build a stronger brand with sales and customer service analytics

Transform your approach to sales and customer service through data insights


How effective is your sales force? Are your teams achieving consistent results? Is your investment delivering the returns you need?

Our four-phase analytics-based approach uses rigorous research to transform your sales and services. We make improvements by integrating all three components of an effective sales force: competencies, behaviors and personality. We tailor our services to fit a variety situations and roles, and to accommodate your specific success drivers.

High performance relies on an efficient sales force; we can help you identify opportunities and improve your customer service productivity.

Tectonic shifts in digital technologies are reshaping how we work and live


Digital technologies, including advanced analytics applications, are transforming entire industries and generating new and innovative way to sell to and service customers on a global scale. Watch the video to learn more.

Specific Services

We use a unique and proven approach to develop efficient, productive and high-performing sales and customer service teams across your organization.

Explore our four-step approach:

Case Studies


Big Success

with Big Data
Learn now companies and organizations are leveraging sales and customer service big data analytics to drive new insights, drive revenues, and attract and retain customers.

Powering Profitable Sales Growth – Five Imperatives


Why Accenture Applied Intelligence

We make sales transformations in four phases: planning and enablement, analytics roll out, performance analysis and road map implementation.

We use analytics to measure the traits of your best sales people. Then we create a program to encourage lower performers to improve. With an extensive database of proven sales practices, your sales team can start using new strategies confidently.

Our approach also gives sales managers actionable insights into performance. We help them to improve productivity, recruitment and corporate training practices, all while reducing costs by up to 50%.

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