Your customer. B2B or B2C. Doesn’t matter. They’ve been forever altered by digital. They want—no. They expect everything faster. And better and cheaper. And more likely than ever to jump ship to get it. Getting and keeping them anchored means extracting insights from every experience. Every touch point.

Sales Transformation

Our sales transformation approach allows Accenture to guide clients to achieve the optimal balance for sales.
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Customer Service Strategy Transformation

Helping clients redefine customer service as part of an overall strategy to achieve high performance.
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Pricing Strategy and Profit Optimization

Sales and Customer Services helps businesses stay focused on their customers with innovative and effective approaches to the front office.
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The Digital-Physical Blur is changing the entire Front Office and Customer Agenda—are you really future-ready?

Robert Wollan

Senior Managing Director – Accenture

Strategy, Sales & Customer Services

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