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The challenges states face administering their Medicaid program are complex. The new CMS rules and Affordable Care Act compound an already dynamic and ever-evolving program. It is more imperative than ever to partner with vendors and systems that provide flexibility, allowing for quick adaptations to changing policies, healthcare delivery models and technology—now and in the future.

Accenture’s Public Health Platform (APHP) transforms and modernizes Medicaid administration by:

  • Aligning with CMS’s direction of modular solutions

  • Enabling interoperability while reducing integration risk

  • Offering flexible hosting options, either in the cloud as SaaS or as a full business service

  • Optimizing managed care delivery models

  • Supporting new payment methodologies

  • Reducing the time and costs associated with policy and system change

Accenture is a premier leader in system integration, technology & management consulting and healthcare operations. APHP is an innovative Medicaid administration solution that is backed by our deep healthcare, Medicaid and technology expertise.


Our innovative integration framework is based upon a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), which allows one or more disparate modules to work together seamlessly to deliver an extremely powerful, yet flexible, system.

By choosing APHP, you can:

  • Continually adapt to your evolving business objectives

  • Reduce integration risks through phased implementation of modules over time

  • Overcome the interoperability challenge through our integration framework, which comes standalone or is included with any of our modules

  • Choose from pre-packaged modules aligned to MITA business processes or a complete MES, such as Benefit Administration, Provider Management, Care Management, Member Access

  • Align modules to your unique Medicaid administration needs

  • Select from multiple deployment options, including on premise or cloud-hosted (SaaS) solutions designed to be more cost effective, to reduce upfront investment and to scale with need

  • Qualify for Federal funding and achieve objectives of Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) and the seven conditions and standards

APHP helps state agencies focus on what really matters: Improving the health of its neediest citizens and reducing the cost to do so. Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo.

For more information, contact Charles Sutton

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The U.S. healthcare system is undergoing rapid change. State and Federal governments are being pressured to provide better healthcare at lower costs. In response, they have invested almost $25 billion in initiatives that reimagine healthcare delivery and payment strategies.

Accenture research analyzed these new spending trends and found that innovation is key to ushering Medicaid into the digital era.


Disruption and investment in care delivery, infrastructure, community and payment are transforming how services are delivered and what citizens expect. Care delivery alone is receiving nearly 40 percent of that new funding. By acting now and implementing a bold vision and strategy, organizations can be a part of this change and win the future of healthcare.



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Charles Sutton

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