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Accenture is helping our Oracle clients pivot to New IT—cloud, digital and security-related services—and Oracle OpenWorld is one of the year’s greatest opportunities to network and learn more about our innovations in this space.

This year, Accenture is sponsoring the Oracle Leaders Circle, an exclusive executive forum dedicated to Oracle's top global customers. Attendees will hear Oracle's senior management team and global thought leaders present their strategy on key industry trends and challenges facing executives today.

Accenture is also the Program Sponsor of the Industry CentralPublic Sector track, applying insights and thought leadership to this critical industry.

Join us to see Accenture’s Oracle thought leadership in action at this event. Please stop by our booth #1111 in the exhibit hall for demonstrations and 1:1 meetings focusing on key topic areas such as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions, digital customer experience, analytics and big data, digital trust and security, engineered systems, and the Internet of Things, as well as industry-solutions developed through our Accenture Oracle Business Group.

Meet Our Team


Solution Showcase

See demonstrations of our latest Oracle solutions in action in Booth 1111.

Accenture myWizard is a cloud based intelligent automation Digital Delivery Platform. Powered by analytics and artificial intelligence, it tightly integrates our people, methods, assets, innovation, best of breed tools and Accenture’s proprietary tools, to deliver high performance.

Accenture myWizard advises on best tools based on the project profile, and these tools can be provisioned automatically. As the project is delivered, Virtual Advisors (Bots) analyze project governance and delivery data to monitor project performance and recommend actions to improve delivery. These Bots also analyze tool and assets usage to recommend actions that maximize team performance.

For more information, contact Anirban Sensarma.

Cloud analytics offerings have gone mainstream, but shifting to this new model requires a thoughtful balance between the immediate demands of the business and appropriate governance and scale. Learn how organizations support current solutions and processes in the interim with hybrid analytics architectures, which enable organizations to make a major shift to the cloud one step at a time. See how Oracle products, including BI Cloud Service, can accelerate your transition by using traditional, on premise as well as cloud-sourced applications and data.

For more information, contact Zac Perry.

See how companies can use analytics to create more visibility and value in today’s connected world. Accenture will bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to life by leveraging sensor input to demonstrate how your organization can uncover trends and insights to improve operations and drive revenue opportunities.

As the volume of IoT generated data continues to grow, it’s increasingly important to interact with and analyze that data. Using a combination of industry standard big data tools in conjunction with some of Oracle’s new offerings for data ingestion, we will show how use cases from supply chain to consumer wearables can benefit from these new tools to identify correlations and optimize future operations.

For more information, contact Zac Perry.

Application support is undergoing a rapid transformation, evolving from simply delivering outcomes with IT and operational excellence to models that optimize your business processes, IT processes, and application. Simultaneously, the sudden and rapid expansion of solutions that encompass cloud, mobility, middleware and engineered systems require support functions to be more agile and flexible than ever.

Accenture’s value-led Application Outsourcing brings new, expanded services centered across accelerated movement to cloud; robotic automation with DevOps; cognitive diagnostics; rapid impact based testing; and intelligent maintenance, with performance analytics, process automation and productivity tools targeted at business users, IT management and software engineers.

Our Application Services innovations bring purpose-built technology assets, including Rapid Implementations, Continuous Improvements, Health Checks, DevOps, Upgrades, Testing Automation and Cloud Assessments that extend the value of your existing technology by addressing very specific needs associated with your existing ERP Installations like E-Business Suite, Siebel, PeopleSoft and Cloud.

Join us to experience value-led AO and our Application Services innovations in action, and see how we unlock the business value of your applications and increase the ROI on existing investments.

For more information, contact Marla Arbiv.

Discover how the Accenture Oracle Business Group can help your organization take advantage of the cloud and accelerate the next wave of digital transformation. Our suite of pre-integrated industry-based cloud solutions, accelerators, assets and tools are built on Oracle’s cloud offerings—which now include the full stack of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS—to help propel organizations to New IT.

These solutions are designed to help enterprises deploy digital solutions quickly and predictably, and are built on the Accenture Foundation Platform for Oracle, which is used by more than 400 companies around the world to connect on-premises and cloud applications—regardless of the technology involved—and create a secure path to the cloud.

For more information, contact Aaron Wright.

See firsthand what it would look like to move your enterprise OLTP databases to Oracle’s powerful IaaS and PaaS Cloud, based on Accenture’s experience deploying the Oracle 12c database to the Oracle Cloud. Discover what our team has learned about how the Oracle Cloud competes with on-premise hardware solutions and other cloud options when it comes to both cost and performance. Let our experts help you find the right Oracle Cloud solution for your database that can help improve performance, cut costs, and align with your future IT strategy.

For more information, contact Chris Pasternak.

Digital has changed all areas of business, including how customers expect to interact with your company. Today’s sales and marketing organizations need to adapt to new ways of engaging, selling, and ordering products and services.

Accenture has created an Agile Selling model to help our clients understand new ways to increase sales through Digital Marketing and Digital Selling with new tools, channels, and modernized sales capabilities. Learn how Oracle CX tools across Marketing, Sales, and Configure-Price-Quote can be used to create a complete Lead to Order business process driving new insights, personalization, and increased profitability.

For more information, contact Steve Foster.

Do you find that the majority of cloud identity and access management (IAM) providers are failing to meet your needs for enterprise level scalability, can’t adequately integrate with all applications, or provide only limited functionality?

Discover how to reduce complexity and cost and increase speed to market and efficiency for all your customer and enterprise IAM needs. You’ll see Accenture’s Velocity Identity Platform, which provides accelerated identity as a managed service using Oracle’s IAM solution via a cloud-based, pay-as-you-go model. Learn how you can leverage it for your enterprise, customer-facing, and even IoT needs.

For more information, contact Nish Patel.

Today’s security environment is complex and ever changing. All security solutions have one objective: keeping the data secure. Is your organization adequately securing data at the lowest level, where it resides in the database?

Learn how Accenture has combined Oracle’s various database security products (Advance Security, Database Firewall, and Audit Vault) into an efficient appliance solution to address a threat vector that’s often ignored. See how a Database Security Healthcheck can reveal security risks that you may have missed.

For more information, contact Nish Patel.

Organizations have a lot of challenges and questions when migrating to the cloud. How large should my environment be? How will I get my data there? How do I guarantee performance?

Accenture Enkitec Group has taken its expertise from thousands of on-premise database and Oracle Engineered Systems implementations and has created the eSCP tool to size, provision, migrate and provide proactive capacity planning in the Oracle Cloud. Join us as we demonstrate how to move your database workload to the cloud with just a few clicks.

For more information, contact Martin Paynter.

Companies face increasing pressures to find ways to encourage employees to participate in wellness programs. Accenture has made managing your wellness easier and a lot more fun. Your organization can harness the power of Oracle Internet of Things and connected fitness wearables to drive an engaging wellness program.

Regardless of your company’s size or culture, Accenture will demonstrate how incorporating wearables into your program can help provide a flexible, exciting way to promote healthy behaviors that can lead to higher employee productivity, improved employee health, higher employee retention, and potentially reduced healthcare spend. Learn how companies can use Fitbit and Apple Watches to leverages Oracle’s complete solution of PaaS and IaaS offerings to join the future of wellness.

For more information, contact Chau Truong.