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Meet our Health & Public Service leaders

Meet the leaders who help guide our clients and vision.
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Greg Adler
Program Manager, Accenture Federal Services
Lalit Ahluwalia
North America Security Lead, Health & Public Service, Accenture Consulting
Larry Albert
Managing Director, Accenture Federal Services
Dennis Alby
Associate Director, Cloud First Public Services, Accenture Technology
Majid M. Altuwaijri, Ph.D.
Managing Director, Health & Public Services - Accenture Middle East
Ron Ash
Managing Director, Management Consulting
Elaine Beeman
Managing Director, US Federal Civilian Portfolio
Gabriel Bellenger
Global Managing Director and Consulting Lead Revenue Industry, Accenture
Jake Brody
Managing Director, Accenture Federal Services
Scott Brown
Managing Director – Health, North America Accenture
Brody Buhler
Managing Director, Post and Parcel Industry, Global Accenture
James Canham
Managing Director, Accenture Border Services
David Champeaux
Managing Director, Health Strategy, Accenture
Reza Chapman
Managing Director—Cybersecurity, Accenture Health
Aimie Chapple
Managing Director, UK Health Industry and UK and Ireland Client Innovation
Jen Combs
Managing Director, Accenture Federal Services
Kathy Conrad
Director, Digital Government
Jill Dailey
Managing Director – Healthcare Strategy, Global Accenture
Ger Daly
Senior Managing Director, Defense and Public Safety, Global Accenture
Frances Dare
Managing Director of Virtual Health Services
Dominic Delmolino
Chief Technology Officer
Ira Entis
Managing Director, Strategic Solutions and Emerging Technologies
Allan W Fairley
Managing Director, Public Safety, UK
Sara Ford
Healthcare Consulting Practice within the United Kingdom
Vanessa Godshalk
Managing Director, Accenture Federal Services
John Goodman
Chief Operating Officer
Christopher Gray
Managing Director, Health & Public Service Analytics Lead EALA
Angela Graziano
Strategy Executive, Accenture Federal Services
Tom Greiner
Managing Director, Technology
Graham Healy
Managing Director – Health & Public Service, Europe, Middle East and Latin America Accenture
Terry Hemken
Managing Director, Accenture Analytics Insights Service
Mark Howard
Global Administration Segment Lead, Public Service, Accenture
Peter Hutchinson
Managing Director, Public Service Strategy Health & Public Service, Accenture Consulting
Brian Kalis
Managing Director – Digital Health, Accenture
Kristy Kinney
Senior Manager, Accenture Federal Services
Bill Klavon
Senior Manager, Operations Lead
Michael Lawless
Director and Studio Lead
Dan T. London
Group Chief Executive – Health & Public Service
Ian Manovel
Innovation Principal Director - Health, ANZ Accenture
Louise May
Managing Director – Health and Public Service, Australia Accenture
Ed Meehan
Senior Managing Director, US Safety and Citizen Services Portfolio
Emily Mitchell
Senior Manager - Accenture Federal Services
Lisa Mitnick
Managing Director, Accenture Digital, North America Accenture
David Moskovitz
Chief Executive Accenture Federal Services
Ryan Oakes
Managing Director, Health and Human Services, North America Accenture
Wendell Ocasio
Managing Director and Chief Medical Officer – Accenture Federal Services
Paul Peck
Managing Director and Operations Growth Platform Lead
David Regan
Managing Director, Revenue, Global Accenture
Marty Rodgers
Office Managing Director, Accenture Metro Washington D.C. & Managing Director, Accenture Federal Services
Randy Rodriguez
Digital Group Design Director
Shawn Roman
Managing Director, Accenture Federal Services
Kaveh Safavi
Senior Managing Director, Health Industry
Dr. Julian Sham
Principal Director – Health, Asia Pacific Accenture
James Slessor
Managing Director - Public Safety, Global Accenture
Deborah Snyder
Managing Director, Public Service, North America Accenture
Jean-Pierre Stephan
Managing Director – CRM Solutions, Accenture
Matt Tait
Senior Managing Director, Defense Portfolio Lead
Jim Traficant
Managing Director – Federal Health, Accenture Federal Services
Elaine Turville
Managing Director – Human Service and Nonprofit, Accenture North America
John Vidas
Managing Director – Growth and Strategy for H&PS
Dr Valtteri Vuorisalo
Industry Innovation Senior Principal, Defense Services, Global Accenture
Jody Weis
Public Safety Lead – North America
Dan West
Managing Director, Health and Public Service, Accenture
Beth Wright
Managing Director – Health & Public Service, North America
Chris Zinner
Managing Director, Accenture Federal Services