Accenture’s survey asked IT executives about their urgency and prioritization in adopting several emerging IT technologies and management approaches for new IT. We chose these focus areas because of their often-cited ability to advance mission or business objectives and improve collaboration.

IT executives’ responses indicated a stronger focus on modernizing IT operations—commercial cloud and Agile/DevOps adoption—possibly at the expense of deploying capabilities and approaches that more directly empower mission and business stakeholders. Examples of those include self-service analytics, Software-as-a-Service and Technology Business Management.

How important are the following to accelerating your IT function's ability to quickly deliver effective solutions that meet your agency's organizational needs?

Graph of various solutions affecting an agency’s IT functions ability to meet organizational needs.

When we asked about pace of current adoption, commercial cloud infrastructure and Agile/DevOps are both approaching majority status. Others—such as SaaS applications, digital platforms and self-service analytics, which are potentially easier to deploy—are still closer to early stage maturity in government.

Which best describes the extent of your agency's adoption of the following?

Graph of the extent to which agencies adopt various solutions.

IT executives consistently reported real progress and success across the board in these endeavors—indicating IT’s ability to adopt new technologies and approaches. That will remain key with the pace of technological change forecasted to accelerate dramatically.

How successful is your agency's adoption of the following?

Graph of responses related to agencies success in adopting various solutions.
"The federal government can’t afford to invest in every rapid-fire technology advancement—but it can’t afford to miss out on them, either."

– LT. GEN. SUSAN LAWRENCE (U.S. Army, Ret.), Managing Director for National Security – Accenture Federal Services

Dave McClure

Principal Director – Federal CIO Advisory Services


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