Cyber Resilience is a “bend, but don’t break” approach to securing data. By engaging in a Cyber Resilience approach Federal agencies are able to operate while under persistent threats and sophisticated attacks, enabling them to manage disruption while ensuring citizen safety. Along the way a new culture Cyber Resilience must emerge, elevating the role of security in Federal agencies and requiring a state of operation where people and processes must adapt and mission, IT and security leaders work together.

To achieve Cyber Resilience we must integrate our IT Modernization and Cyber Security investments. At the end of the day Cyber Resilience = IT Resilience = Mission Resilience.

– GUS HUNT, Managing Director, Cyber Strategy, Accenture Federal Services

Against the 7 cyber domains, and 33 cybersecurity capabilities that make up Accenture’s Cyber preparedness and resilience success matrix, the following represent the top three areas in which federal agencies ranked themselves as high performing:

  • Identification of High Value Assets and Business Process
  • IT Risk Support
  • Design for Protection of Key Assets

The following represent the bottom three areas in which Federal agencies ranked their cyber performance:

  • Physical and Safety Risks
  • Third Party Cyber Clauses
  • Cybersecurity Investments for Key Assets

With continued investment and focus, Federal agencies are in fact making progress in the journey to Cyber Resilience. These six steps are essential to continued progress:

  • Be Brilliant at the Basics
  • Embrace Cloud for Security
  • Implement Data Centric Security
  • Require Application Security by Design
  • Leverage Software Defined Networking
  • Engage in Proactive Defense

Gus Hunt

Managing Director and Cyber Lead


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