To become a high-velocity federal enterprise, more and more organizations are fundamentally reshaping themselves to develop a new type of Human Resources (HR) organization—one designed around highly nimble and responsive services. Backed by the experience of implementing over 2,500 HR IT systems, many of which include HR core functionality and HR Private Shared Service Centers, Accenture understands the critical role that effective technology plays in HR services.

Additionally, to keep pace with technology changes and support the federal government in this effort, we have launched the Next Generation ERP group. This means moving away from ERP's historical focus as a largely passive system of record and toward the enterprise system of the future: one that's open, simpler, and more forward looking. At the core of a high-velocity federal enterprise lies the next evolution in the role played by the existing ERP system. We want to build upon the ERP's proven strengths as the agency's central engine and information source to recast it as the backbone of the digital federal enterprise.


Our investment in an HR LOB solution has put Accenture in a unique position to understand the needs of HR customers and effective ways to optimize desired outcomes. Since we are not a software product vendor, Accenture has a unique, technology-agnostic approach where we can provide an unbiased view of the best-of-breed solutions in the market. The goal is to identify solutions that align with our clients' performance, cost, and business objectives while enabling the transition to a system that leverages digital capabilities, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud, in-memory computing, and better data integration. Accenture is certified to provide systems services across the complete range of core and non-core HR (Human Capital Management) Line of Business functions:

  • Accenture's HR Services platform includes PeopleSoft for Personnel Action Processing and Benefits Management.
  • Accenture offers Implementation Services to support the transition of agencies to Accenture's shared service center approach.
  • For compensation management, federal agencies may choose to use Accenture's Federal Payroll and Time and Attendance solution, provided under arrangement with ADP, or an interface to the agency's ePayroll provider.
  • Accenture offers-leading edge solutions to meet non-core technology requirements, such as performance management, succession planning, position management, and HR development. The software is hosted in a secure environment which has achieved federal certification and accreditation. Accenture provides software provisioning, hosting and application management services.
  • We also offer services for the following extended capabilities areas: PAR Attachments, Non-Title V (38, 42), End user experience, Analytics, Metrics Reporting, and Integration with Non-core HR products.
  • To support the shift to a digital HR system, Accenture offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) through Amazon Web Services, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with various market leading software vendors, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) using Oracle Analytics, Portal and Service management through ServiceNow, and Salesforce to support extended functionality.

Accenture's HR Service model is flexible. Agencies may choose to use the hosted systems themselves, or to also acquire processing support in addition to the hosted systems. Employee self-service features, workflow, and notifications are included in the core systems offerings, along with training and help desk support.

About the contract

The GSA Human Resources (HR) & Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Services Schedule 738 X offers a full-spectrum of professional support services for HR program development. It is designed to service agencies in recruiting and retaining the best talent, as well as managing the process.

Accenture is an awardee on the following SINs:

  • SIN 595-21: Human Resource Services—Professional services include but are not limited to development of effective human capital management strategies and enhanced policy related to Workforce Planning, Human Capital Strategy, Organizational Design and Position Classification, Diversity and Inclusion, Employee Engagement and Communications, and Organizational Development (OPM\Federal Human Capital Business Reference Model)
  • SIN 595-22: HR Private Shared Service Centers Core HR Requirements—Under this SIN, customers can buy services that include core HR services for personnel action processing and benefits management at a minimum. Accenture performs services in this SIN through its certified HR Line of Business service (as described under the Services tab).
  • SIN 595-26: HR Private Shared Service Centers Non-Core Requirements—Under this SIN, customers can buy services that include support in compensation management, HR development, HR strategy, organization and position management, performance management, staff acquisition, employee relations, labor relations and separations management. Accenture performs services in this SIN through its certified HR Line of Business services (as described under the Services tab).

Contract Number: GS-02F-0170N

Period of Performance: 7/29/2003-7/28/2023

Who is Eligible: All federal agencies; state and other eligible users

Vehicle Type: GSA Multiple Award Schedule

Award Type: Multiple Award Schedule

Contracting Agency: GSA

Accenture Role: Prime

Government User Fee: 0.75% Industrial Funding Fee applied to all schedule services and products.

Task Order Types: Firm Fixed Price, Labor Hour, Time & Materials

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