Where is this trend heading? A steady stream of data continues to digitize our lives at an ever increasing pace. As data informed interactions grow, agencies become more adept at capitalizing on their data in new ways to better serve their customers and workforce.

In this data-driven future, the quality of government decision-making enhances the citizen’s quality of life and the employee’s quality of work.

Agencies can explore how to make the most of the structured data they have amassed over the years along with exponentially growing volumes of unstructured data—such as images and video—to create new dimensions of insight, as well as serve customers and employees with more speed and accuracy.

A surge of data

The volume of data and data-informed interactions is expected to grow exponentially in the near future—creating a transformational opportunity to capitalize on data in new ways.


growth in data-informed interactions per person is expected by 2025.


times growth in the amount of data generated today, predicted by 2025, a total of 163ZB.1


of the data in the global data sphere in 2025 will be critical to people’s daily lives. 2

The impact on government

With better insights into customers, the workforce, mission performance, and the trending environment, agencies become more agile, responsive and effective.

Smarter, faster decision-making.

Access to information enables everyone to act more quickly and challenges agency operating rhythms to keep pace with persistent decision-making.

Culture shift spurred by the value of data.

Insights at the fingertips of employees, citizens, and partners improves the interoperability and impact of the entire ecosystem.

Person-centric data streamlines activities.

Proactive agencies will engage citizens, partners, and employees to ensure shared user data is accurate, relevant and required for future services.

AI insights create value from collaborative data.

As more data becomes available to transactional systems, AI will be deployed around collected data assets to identify new efficiencies and insights.

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1 Source: IDC report, 2017

2 Source: It’s Learning. Just Not As We Know It. Accenture Research.

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