Where is this trend heading? As demand for immersive services and experiences grows, virtualization allows agencies to offer citizens access to a world of services at their own convenience, on many devices.

Across a wide range of missions, combining XR with AI dramatically accelerates how fast agencies can re-skill and cross-skill employees and improve their work by using this mix of approaches.

Agencies will embrace self-service and enhanced service to create even more value and better outcomes—from tele-health, for example, to tele-everything.

High demand for immersive experiences

The use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is expected to grow significantly in the next decade.

The rise of virtual interactions will have a profound impact on the human side of government. The Department of Defense is at the forefront of this future: Soldiers equipped with interconnected drones and extended reality (XR) goggles already are learning to operate in a hybrid virtual-physical environment.


growth in data consumed by wireless VR headsets is expected by 2021.1


million roles will need to be filled for new skills like storytelling, user experience, design, and human + machine interactions through 2028.2

The impact on government

Virtual service delivery accelerates, remote workforce teams collaborate effectively, virtual training accelerates talent, while at the same time new skills are required to work in a virtual world.

Virtual service delivery accelerates.

Agencies shift services from traditional offline delivery channels into the virtual world to shorten service cycles and improve customer service.

Easy, effective collaboration from anywhere.

Virtualization will open new avenues of productivity as more interactions become fast, convenient and intuitive.

Employees keep up with the pace of change.

Virtual training and on-the-job virtual assistants will help new hires and tenured employees alike keep up with the pace of change.

New skills needed to create virtual worlds.

Virtualization will enable a new generation of workers to leverage skills like storytelling, user experience, design and human + machine interactions.

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1 Source: Unlock the Hidden Value of eSIM

2 Source: It’s Learning. Just Not As We Know It. Accenture Research.

Elaine Beeman

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Civilian Lead

Kyle Michl​

Chief Innovation Officer – Accenture Federal Services


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