Where is this trend heading? While the data-powered, virtual world vastly improves how people work and live, it introduces new vulnerabilities and threats continuously. With more data and connection points at risk of cyber breach, agencies seek to secure services that are increasingly digital, virtual, and data-driven.

New threats and vulnerabilities

In this future anyone is vulnerable to the impact of a cyber breach or attack, and especially those without the means or knowledge to manage risks and take early advantage of capabilities that help provide protections.

It’s imperative that agencies develop and maintain trust, or risk people and organizations taking steps to disengage and isolate their data and systems to avert risk.


billion personal data records are projected to be stolen through data attacks by 2020.1


of federal leaders say that collaboration with the private sector over the next four years will be key to building cyber-resilience and thwarting attacks.2

The impact on government

As the guardian of public data, agencies explore new ways to ensure a more secure, resilient ecosystem through trusted digital identity and authentication and secure the trust and safeguard the confidence of citizens, employees, and partners.

Closing the digital divide.

Agencies take full, early, and equal advantage of commercial cyber capabilities to increase confidence across their ecosystem.

Trusted digital identity.

The future of digital government depends on a certifiable digital identity and authentication that is reliable, accurate, and convenient.

A holistic framework and strategy.

As more of the federal government becomes digital and data-driven, a collaborative approach is key to a holistic security framework and strategy.

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1 Source: Juniper Research on Future of Cybercrime & Security 2017

2 Source: It’s Learning. Just Not As We Know It. Accenture Research

Tom Greiner

Technology Business Lead

Biniam Gebre

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Management Consulting Lead


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