Companies compete through strategic partnerships. When partnerships are technology based, they can expand networks faster and more extensively. The same is true of federal agencies. By creating extended networks of public and private partners, agencies can improve how they deliver services, drive innovation and growth, and manage and regulate markets.

Frictionless business: Built to partner at scale—a discussion with Dominic Delmolino & Sara Abiusi

Frictionless Business: Chief Technology Officer, Dominic Delmolino, dives deeper into partnering at scale with Civilian Technology Lead, Sara Abiusi.

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Frictionless foundation

Legacy systems weren’t built to support frictionless business. As federal agencies work to build a strong foundation for technology-based partnerships, they should consider the value of microservices architectures. They also need to explore how blockchain and smart contracts can improve trust in data shared from external sources while simplifying data reconciliation. Those that invest in these changes today will redefine how they transact tomorrow.

In our survey, nearly half of federal executives report that they’re already working with twice as many or more partners as they were just two years ago. It’s critical for federal leaders to recognize that their agency’s own technology will either serve as the foundation for these relationships—or hold them back from realizing their full partnership potential.

Sixty-five percent of federal executives feel it’s critical or very critical to be able to easily exchange data with ecosystem partners.

Microservices start within

To spur a new wave of technology-based partnerships, organizations must start from inside their own walls. Microservices is not a single piece of technology. Rather, it is an architectural approach. In addition to delivering internal benefits like application scalability and reliability, it is vital for building partnerships across agencies.

A microservices architecture will push organizations to clearly define the services they offer, enable them to discover new sources of improved efficiency, and turn each service into a potential enabler of technology-based partnerships.

Sara Abiusi

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Quality & Risk Lead


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