Any federal agency looking to capitalize on the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) must also acknowledge its impact. Much more than just a technological tool, AI is growing to the point where it often has as much influence as the people using it. That’s true both within and outside the organization.

Deploying AI is no longer just about training it to perform a given task. AI must be “raised” to act as a responsible representative of the agency and a contributing member of society. Many enterprises still treat AI as a software program—a tool to be used. Yet no one would expect a tool to “act” responsibly, explain its decisions, or work well with others. Given how AI systems’ decisions can affect people, we must teach AI to do these things, and more.

By recognizing the impact AI now has in society—and raising it accordingly—organizations can create a collaborative and powerful new member of the workforce. However, collaboration will be most successful if agencies ensure ways of trusting an AI system’s outputs, whether by citizens and employees or other artificially intelligent systems.


Citizen AI: Responsible AI—A discussion with Dominic Delmolino and Maggie Smith

Citizen AI: Chief Technology Officer, Dominic Delmolino, dives deeper into “responsible AI” with Analytics Senior Manager, Maggie Smith

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Video analytics is an application promise to accelerate the shift in decision making to AI. Agencies have opportunities to adopt video analytics that could supplant the need for around-the-clock monitoring by humans. In addition to freeing those resources for higher-value work, the fundamental principle is that AI will be more efficient in continuous monitoring—and more thorough in spotting and alerting even the most minute anomalies.

Yet delivering that vision requires well “raised” analytics. Government will need to implement processes to ensure that new technologies are used appropriately make fair, ethical, prudent decisions. That requires accurate training data as well as conscious and continual efforts to identify and eliminate potential biases.

Eighty-eight percent of federal executives feel it is important for employees and customers to understand the general principles employed by their organization to make AI-based decisions.

Citizen AI: Raising the AI—A discussion with Dominic Delmolino and Kathy Conrad

Citizen AI: Chief Technology Officer, Dominic Delmolino dives deeper into “raising AI” with Digital Government Director, Kathy Conrad.

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Kathy Conrad

Director – Digital Government

Maggie Smith

Analytics Senior Manager


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