The future starts now

Change creates opportunities to do things differently. Agency leaders can help their agencies take on—and take advantage of—change with a dynamic mindset and approach.

A leader’s framework

Embrace a dynamic mindset and approach by aligning key dimensions of your enterprise to assure your mission and business meet the expectations and needs of your customers and workforce today and in the future.

With a dynamic mindset and approach, federal leaders can move confidently toward the future and shape the next generation of government—for a more vibrant society, thriving economy and secure nation.

Create a culture of continuous reinvention

Disruption is inevitable—pre-empt it by producing a steady stream of future-forward pilots.

Make data the soul of services

Balance the drive to uncover potential in massive amounts of data with disciplined due diligence that keeps asking “for whom” and “why.”

Empower your workforce—shift to high-value work

Transition employees to higher value work with greater impact by automating their underlying rote tasks. Incorporate XR and AI to cross-skill and re-skill employees quickly.

Power your force multiplier

Engage a wider ecosystem of non-profits, startups, digital-savvy companies and crowdsourcing platforms to support innovation in your agency.

Advocate for the ethics of everything

Be vigilant in removing bias from AI to ensure your data, algorithms and systems are ethical, transparent and accountable, and to protect privacy, decision making and trust.

Make security an above- and below-ground priority

Ensure that devices throughout your networks—and especially near the edge—are designed to accommodate continuous security updates.

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Elaine Beeman

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Civilian Lead

Biniam Gebre

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Management Consulting Lead


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