In brief

In brief

  • With digital transformation now becoming table stakes, the post-digital era is arriving with a new question: How can organizations differentiate?
  • Innovation must focus on how technology will empower people, in addition to benefiting the organization now more than ever.
  • The employee experience, which must be rooted in trust, will be the key to growth. All touchpoints, from recruiting to retention, must be reinvented.

A conversation about co-creating value

Watch Leighanne Levensaler, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Workday, and Managing Director & Co-Head, Workday Ventures, and Colin Anderson, Strategy and Innovation Lead for Accenture’s Global Workday Business, discuss how the two companies are working together to help clients create the workforce—and the profits—of the future. Here is the full interview:

Accenture Technology Vision 2019 for Workday

Accenture and Workday leaders discuss how they’re working together to help clients innovate and create the workforce of the future. See more.

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"We wait with baited breath for the Technology Vision. What I love about it are the technology synergies and what they can do together."

— LEIGHANNE LEVENSALER, SVP Corporate Strategy, Workday and Managing Director and Co-Head – Workday Ventures

Five trends that will make or break growth:

Human+ Worker

Everything begins with your people. To take advantage of the opportunity technology enables, virtually every role in the organization will need to evolve. In the research report, “It’s Learning, Just Not as We Know It,” Accenture found that 90 percent of worker time will be affected by intelligent technologies.

This means companies must reimagine their talent strategies, including reskilling, by "consumerizing" the experience at every touchpoint and embedding the "frictionless" benefits of platforms like Workday throughout the organization. Adopting a common language for understanding the ever-changing world of skills (such as the Workday Skills Cloud) allows organizations to focus on accelerating employee reskilling via personalized interventions, and will improve employee satisfaction, retention and recruiting - ultimately moving organizations forward at an accelerated pace.

Tech Vision 2019 for Workday – Human+ Worker

Accenture and Workday discuss how people are at the center of business success, and how technology can fuel a cultural change. See more.

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Get to know me & MyMarkets

Companies are doing a great job of collecting information about workers. Now they must put that data to use creating great employee experiences—in part by focusing on hyper-personalization.

Accenture and Workday are working together to make employee information actionable, so companies can get to know their employees to better-serve the moments that matter, such as onboarding, paternal leave requests, and anticipating training needs. This is the hyper-personalization companies need to differentiate and is how Workday is helping businesses improve the people experience.

Get to Know Me & MyMarkets | Tech Vision 2019

Accenture and Workday discuss using data to create hyper-personalized and balancing trust to create impactful moments that matter. See more.

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Secure us to secure me

Where would we be if trust erodes? Accenture research shows the difference in revenue growth rates between losing and earning employee trust through the use of workforce data is as much as 12.5 percent, or US$3.1 trillion globally.

But these trust issues are critical externally as well, including customers, partners, investors, and analysts. As Workday continues to innovative its products it is ensuring that the conversation—and the technology—focus on trust as an enabler of improved workforce experiences and growth.

Secure Us to Secure Me | Tech Vision 2019

Accenture and Workday discuss the importance role that security plays in everything that they do. See more.

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DARQ power

The unifying force behind the vision shared by Accenture and Workday is technology—specifically, how it will affect employees. But what technologies specifically will carry the most impact? They include DARQ: Distributed ledger technology; Artificial intelligence; Extended reality; and Quantum computing.

Accenture’s Technology Vision notes that 89 percent of businesses are already experimenting with one or more DARQ technologies, expecting them to be key differentiators. Workday is already paving the way with its new blockchain-based Workday Credentials product. Paired together with the Workday Skills Cloud discussed in Human+ Worker segment, it will fundamentally change how organizations issue and verify credentials - empowering individuals and increasing trust in profound ways. As Accenture and Workday work with clients to co-create the workforce of the future, the advances in these technologies will provide a powerful framework.

DARQ Power | Tech Vision 2019

Accenture and Workday discuss how the next wave of technology is influencing their innovation. See more.

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Accenture and Workday are working together to improve the employee experience and help organizations form a future-ready workforce, learn more in this SlideShare.

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