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Accenture Document Composer 5.0

For Accenture Document Composer we deploy bi-monthly minor versions. For further information, please contact us.

Accenture HR Audit and Compliance as-a-service 8.0

For Accenture HR Audit and Compliance as-a-service we deploy bi-monthly minor versions. For further information, please contact us.

Accenture Quick Document Builder 8.5

Accenture Clone and Test for Cloud 7.0

Accenture HR Data Loader 7.0

Accenture HR Audit and Compliance Tool 10.1

  • To give the web-based workplace more flexibility in its navigation options, the context menu can now be adapted in a way that is specific to the exception record.
  • It is now possible to work on exceptions in the web-based workbench while the data collection of a current audit period is in progress. This allows users to resume their work.
  • To enhance analytics, new KPIs have been added so that users can identify which areas they need to focus on more when dealing with exceptions. Furthermore, the visualizations of KPIs have been improved by adding line charts for each feature.
  • To improve compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) the identification of old payroll results that need to be deleted was simplified.
  • Various enhancements to the exception classes now make it easier for users to select, for example, the exceptions with the greatest impact or only with retroactive changes.

Accenture Clone and Test/Premier/Premier Plus 10.2

  • Due to legal changes, additional tables for copying and anonymizing "A1 Verfahren" are considered for the Germany-specific tables. Furthermore, "Single Touch Payroll" tables were considered for the Australia-specific tables.
  • In the Premier Plus Version, the program for copying customizing data has been extended to support several migration scenarios. The following are included:
    • To accelerate migration projects from SAP PY to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll, Accenture Clone and Test now also supports copying of Spain and Argentina-specific customizing, in addition to the already supported country-specific customizing.
    • To simplify migration projects from SAP PY to H4S4 enhancements to the copy program for customizing data have been made to also support copying of Personnel Management, Organizational Management, E-Recruiting, Time and Talent Management tables.

Accenture Data Comparison Manager 10.2

  • To give the user an extra layer of flexibility, the validation functionality has now been integrated into the Migration menu so that validation can be performed for each step of a migration project.
  • When activating Data Cleanser and conversion rules have already been set up, these conversion rules can now be copied saving time and effort.
  • For more efficiency, parallel scheduling is now possible for repository collector jobs in the Process Automation Tool.
  • It is now possible to export Workbench results to a file. This is particularly useful for status reports or for sharing with other authorized colleagues.
  • The Data Stream Collector has been improved to be able to collect data streams with similar structures. This simplifies the process of data collection.
  • The PA Master Data Collector can now also collect only the data of employees in migration projects whose data changed from the previous run. As a result, the runtime of the Cleanser and Converter is significantly reduced.
  • The Legacy Collector now allows you to assign and process multiple files with the same structure simultaneously, in one run.
  • The OData Exporter has been enhanced in several ways. Control characters are now being automatically removed before they can trigger failures of processes. The option to export only one record per package is now available. This is useful in certain cases where export errors may occur if the package contains more than one record. You can also now validate data before migrating it to SuccessFactors, simulating a migration so you can perform test runs before the actual migration run. During validation the hierarchy of the data is considered, so that validation errors caused by missing parent entries in the SuccessFactors instance are avoided.

Accenture HR Management Suite 3.3

The updated browser-based user interface makes the everyday usage and maintenance of SAP HCM data and applications more easy—even for those unfamiliar with SAP environments.

With the new version, you can:

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