In brief

In brief

  • As B2B sales growth sputters, U.S. technology and communications companies must not only strengthen traditional services, but also launch new business models to secure new sources of revenue.
  • Insights Factories are emerging as a new source of revenue. By leveraging the mountains of data at their disposal, technology and communications companies have a unique opportunity to develop, package and sell customized insights that business customers crave.
  • To develop an insights-based B2B growth strategy, companies need to balance their investments. Four actions help them do just that.

From services to insights…

Amid the disruptions that are slowing B2B growth in the United States, technology and communications companies must enhance their core solutions to satisfy customers’ demands for better performance and faster, more efficient service. But they also need to develop new business models, revenue streams, value propositions, and uses for existing assets. One of the most promising opportunities is hidden in plain sight—in the data of their B2B customers.

Scaling an Insights Factory

Accenture Strategy managing director in the U.S., Shivani Vora explains how companies need to develop new B2B revenue streams, new value propositions and new uses for existing assets.

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From insights to value…

Because technology and communications companies manage the networks, sensors, circuits and infrastructures that facilitate the collection and flow of data, they are in a unique position to store, maintain, process and use the data of their enterprise customers across the data value continuum.

This continuum highlights the inverse relationship between the volume of data generated and the potential value of the data. At the bottom of the continuum, companies monetize raw data—usually with lackluster returns. At the very top, the highest-value opportunities and most innovative business models emerge. Here, companies aren’t monetizing data. They are monetizing actionable insights to enable new forms of interaction and better decision-making.

This chart shows the data value continuum. When value increases, data and insights from data matures and can be turned into a service.

Accenture’s Data Value Continuum reveals five levels of data/insight maturity.

Industrializing B2B growth

To tap this new revenue stream, U.S. companies should create an EBITDA-neutral data business to fund a low-risk business model based on insight monetization. The cornerstone of this model is an “Insights Factory,” which companies can establish to analyze the data of their B2B customers—and their customers’ customers. The Insights Factory harnesses numerous analytical models that can produce customized outputs to support a steady stream of use cases such as channel partner optimization, contract renewals rate improvement, and even Analytics- or Insights-as-a-Service offerings.

The B2B balancing act

To pursue a B2B growth strategy based on the delivery of insights, companies should take four actions:

  • Give data the attention it deserves. Understand available data sources, store and secure the data in data lakes, and ensure it is usable and accessible.
  • Zero in on value. Assess the analytical skills, tools, resources, organizational alignment and data governance protocols necessary to generate insights for specific use cases.
  • Scale through M&A. Find companies that have a successful track record, proven analytics assets and the potential to create “data synergies” with the data the company holds.
  • Re-commit to CX. The Insights Factory is a critical enabler of B2B growth, making it possible for companies to become hyper-relevant at speed and scale. Achieving maturity in this business model—just as in their traditional lines of business—requires exceptional customer experiences.

Inside an Insights Factory

Accenture Strategy managing director Mark Gaylard explains how an Insights Factory turns raw data into highly valuable insights that can help B2B companies grow and make better decisions.

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Shivani Vora

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy for Communications, Media & Technology

Mark Gaylard

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Customer Insight and Growth Strategy​


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