World! Can I have your attention please?

The current explosion of creativity, virality and engagement is taking things to a whole new level. There’s a new class of consumer-creator emerging. Combining creativity with virality, they are reaching global audiences in the millions.

But what happens when we emerge from COVID? How will the behavior shaped by 12 months or more of relative confinement and increased digital engagement change when the conditions that helped form them no longer apply?

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Average time spent consuming media in US

Robin Murdoch

Managing Director – Software & Platforms, Global Lead


Gaming: The next super platform
Small to medium is big business

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Platforms decade of ascendancy by market cap

In 2011, only two platform companies were in the Top 10 by market cap. By the end of 2020, platforms now dominate the Top 10. Many are worth over $1 trillion in market cap, generating more than $1.5 trillion in annual revenues (2020). Tesla, the latest entrant, and first automotive/energy ‘platform,’ is now knocking on the door of a $1T valuation too.

Platform’s massive concentration of power and scale are remarkable features of their exponential growth. And yet another demonstration of why everyone needs to understand platforms, whether you plan to compete, cooperate or co-opt. They cannot be ignored.

Play the video to see how Accenture broke down the evolution of the largest companies in the world by market cap.

Mapping the future media, entertainment and sports landscape

As the shift to digital channels accelerates and businesses evolve, explore the impacts on the media, entertainment and sports landscape using our new interactive Value Map. With this tool we’re able to understand the major roles involved in content creation and distribution and identify which are well-positioned for the future and which are at-risk. 

This framework and analysis is based on research conducted by the World Economic Forum’s Industry Action Group on Media, Entertainment and Culture and Accenture. Read the collection of our WEF M&E and Sports reports via the links below:


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