In brief

In brief

  • Four technology trends that are helping retailers rediscover and redefine their purpose.
  • The evolution of brick and mortar store models to better serve customers and differentiate company brands.
  • Businesses must form technology-driven partnerships to drive growth in today's digital economy.

Accenture’s 2018 Tech Vision analyzes the transformational technologies and the impact on society as a whole. We are in an era where tech is built into every interaction, allowing people and businesses alike to reimagine what’s possible. Discover the IT trends that are rapidly reshaping daily life and dive into a deeper technology connection.

The past decade of Retail has been filled with constant disruption from digital technologies. To keep pace and redefine their purpose, retailers must harness the benefits of these technologies to maximize efficiency. Customer experiences and services are becoming more immersive, unique and compelling in order to create powerful, strong connections.

With technology extending deeper into our everyday lives, companies are moving beyond only providing goods and services. By utilizing emerging technologies, they are creating new affiliations and partnerships across industries to achieve new levels of growth and differentiation, delivering even better experiences to both customers and employees.

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These four technology trends are transforming the Retail industry, creating the foundation for future enterprise growth and helping retailers rediscover an essential attribute: their purpose.

Extended Reality

Digital technologies are changing physical stores by removing the distance between people, information and experiences.

Internet of Thinking

Retailers are extending their infrastructures with intelligent environments with immersive experiences in order to reach dynamic, real-world environments.

Citizen AI

Personalized and targeted Retail experiences are being created for customers by training AI to operate as a responsible member of the team.

Frictionless Business

Retailers and businesses are creating technology-driven partnerships to innovate beyond what legacy business systems were built to support, shifting business models to be solutions based.

Retail Tech Vision 2018

Accenture Technology Vision identified 5 technology trends that will reshape and transform retail business models. See more.

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Christopher Donnelly

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Retail

Shyam Thyagaraj

Managing Director – Accenture Technology Advisory


Tech Vision 2018: Intelligent enterprise unleashed

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