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In brief

  • Chris Fisher, Chief Strategy Officer at Seattle Police Department, shares his thoughts on the changing nature of policing.
  • From data-driven insights to ecosystem collaboration, Chris highlights the areas of policing that are experiencing major transformation.
  • This interview is part of a series of perspectives from industry leaders across Public Service.

Spotlight on Seattle Police Department

Accenture's video share the perspective of Chris Fisher, Chief Strategy Officer at the Seattle Police Department, on how policing is transforming. See more.

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How is policing changing?

CHRIS FISHER: In 10 years, who knows where we’re going to be in terms of policing. So I think we try to keep a pretty narrow lens on the next 2 to 3 years. Where we’re really focusing, for policing it really is that intersection of public health and public safety.

We really are asking officers to be everything. They’re not just officers, they’re system navigators, they’re EMTs, they are the first responders, they are going to be there first, and they are going to have to be equipped and have the information and the technology and the training at their fingertips to handle pretty much every type of call, and that’s the shift we’re seeing.

How can the ecosystem meet those demands?

CF: One of the biggest challenges right now around our partnerships is the ability to share information, and I think a lot of that rests on old technology. Things weren’t built with APIs, they were built in different languages on different database structures and it was really hard just to technologically share information. Now there’s a big opportunity with mobility and a lot of improvements in the way that systems are interoperable, that once we work out the legal aspects of it, it’s a lot easier to share that information.

Where next for data-driven policing?

CF: Data-driven policing has been about managing, and I think it’s really moving into that more forward-looking approach—how do we make sure that we have healthy officers, because if we don’t have healthy officers, we’re not going to have healthy communities. So I think for data-driven, we’re in a place where it’s shifting from just being focused on how do you better fight crime, to how do you have a more effective police department.

Chris Fisher

Chief Strategy Officer – Seattle Police Department


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