In brief

In brief

  • Utilizing cloud technology, human services agencies can generate greater outcomes at scale and meet increasing consumer expectations.
  • Agencies have the potential to step into a new age, one in which service recipients are more self-sufficient and better equipped for independence.
  • Looking ahead, agencies should leverage the momentum and strategically define their cloud journey; assessing the latest technology and architecture.

The role of cloud and customers in modernizing human services

Human services agencies are expected to deliver long-lasting, life-changing services at an increasingly faster pace, guiding in a new age citizen empowerment and face-to-face interaction.

Human services agencies must move from support, through enablement and on to empowerment.

Every business utilizes cloud computing in one way or another

Embracing cloud is a key component to accelerating transformation; no longer simply a path to lowering infrastructure costs. Today cloud is a catalyst for business and IT innovation—a path to greater citizen empowerment.

Faster growth and innovation

Innovations in cloud can have a highly positive impact on an agency’s outcomes, particularly through its service procurement and operating models.

A few of the advantages cloud offers are:

  • Access to the latest technology such as machine learning, analytics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality
  • Agility and flexibility to deliver new services
  • Transformation of how systems are architected, coded, tested and deployed

Consumers are benefiting the most

Cloud enables connectivity among partners, citizens and traditional services provide, platform economy players and social networks.

Citizens should expect defined, continuous, personalized, adaptive and intelligent interactions through every key moment of need, allowing them to be involved in critical decisions. At the same time, they should expect their privacy to be respected and kept intact.

Cloud can help make these expectations achievable and affordable.

There are a number of critical business reasons agencies should consider when taking a cloud transformation journey.

Cloud is ready for human services

Gone are the days when data residency and security were perceived as unavoidable hurdles to cloud (and, consequently, improved service). Today, across the globe we’re seeing a momentous movement toward cloud offerings specifically geared toward government.

Cloud solutions are now tailored to human services’ unique needs around customer relationship management, case management, benefit claims processing, employments market and child support as well as Enterprise Resource Planning.

Learn how the right combination of human services, cloud experience and capabilities can guide your cloud journey.

Ricardo Escobar

Global Social Services Technology Consulting Lead

Rick Webb

North America Industry Lead – CIO in the New, Public Service

Bill Kilmartin

North America Industry Lead – Finance and Administration, Public Service


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