Protecting children requires rethinking how we use technology to enable the important work of child welfare.


million reports of abuse and neglect every year.


children die of abuse and neglect every day.

In the face of reality, we must push ourselves to think differently about how we approach child welfare. It’s time to be bold and challenge the status quo:

  • What would better outcomes look like?
  • What role can technology play in achieving them?
  • How might technology provide insights that keep more children safely at home with their families?
  • In cases where children need to go into foster care, how can we make sure they find permanency sooner?

At the heart of those answers is human-centered, outcome-based service delivery that weaves together technology and casework. A human-centric approach engages families and empowers them to succeed. It also provides caseworkers with deep—and timely—insights and information on the children they serve.

Focusing on ensuring the safety and happiness of our country’s most vulnerable children requires us to think and act in bold new ways—including creating solutions that drive us closer to dramatically better results.

It isn’t about adopting better or faster technology for caseworkers; it’s about placing families and children at the center of each interaction.

Valerie Armbrust

Child Services Lead, Managing Director – Health and Public Service, North America Accenture


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