Energy is the lifeblood of asset-intensive companies. That’s why many businesses today find themselves at a critical crossroads.

Amid intensifying scrutiny over costs and carbon output and a greater need to embrace digital technology, business leaders must rethink how they purchase and use energy and the roles of different sources of energy in coming years.

At the same time, businesses face escalating pressure from consumers, employees and regulators to be more sustainable and act more responsibly. This is unchartered territory for many organizations.

Tackling these challenges is entirely possible through more effective energy management, and our three-phase path to intelligent operations can help you answer that call.

"A company can have an immediate impact on its energy use and costs by unlocking value trapped in the huge amount of data the business already generates."

— Cobb Pearson, Global Lead

Get smart for the long-term energy future

By combining analytics, the Internet of Things and the right people, we construct a connected approach to energy management that significantly benefits clients in three ways.

Use analytics to unlock trapped value

Insights from data can identify ways to boost energy efficiency and reduce day-to-day use, resulting in substantially lower energy bills (as well as immediate sustainability savings).

Optimize operational capital investments

Data-driven insights also optimize operational capital investments. For example, in a merger of two U.S. retailers, we worked with the integration team to identify the most inefficient stores.

Optimize energy efficiency investments

Determining where and how to direct improvement efforts is an ongoing challenge. For one client, we helped narrow down a list of 100+ efficiency initiatives to a handful of high-impact projects.

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Start now, get a jump on the competition

More and more executives have their eyes wide-open to how strategic energy can deliver lasting impact to their business—as well as the need to rethink how they approach energy management.

Still, most companies have yet to engage a strategic approach to energy management—which means those that begin preparing now will establish a significant edge over those that wait.

Already, a handful of first-movers are staking out favorable positions enabling them to create new, more efficient business models.

Doing nothing isn’t an option. The sooner you get started, the faster you can improve your cost structure and efficiency and establish a path to a sustainable and competitive energy position in the future.

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