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Preparing for iOS 14 data and privacy changes

December 1, 2020 • 6 min read
Rebecca Lee​
Managing Director – Song
Ankit Mehta
Senior Manager – Song, Personalization & Experience Analytics
Catherine Lansing
Senior Manager – Song

In brief

  • Apple’s identifier for advertisers is about to become an opt-in feature.
  • Win people’s trust by demonstrating responsible data handling and offering a value exchange.
  • Begin reimagining your data strategy in preparation for the new data and privacy options.
  • Rethink measurement and reporting as mobile attribution is about to change.

Reimagine your data strategy

Earlier this year, Apple announced new data and privacy changes that will have significant business implications for any organization that advertises or operates on mobile.
With these changes, Apple’s identifier for advertisers (IDFA – a physical device ID that powers much of today’s mobile advertising) essentially becomes an opt-in feature.

Although the updates were originally set to launch with iOS 14 in September 2020, they were pushed back to 2021. Brands need to act now to avoid it having a significant impact on their business in the new year. Brands that can provide value in exchange for customer data and prove that they can handle that data responsibly will be able to win and keep consumer trust. Brands will also need to start activating and updating their data strategy to account for changes to the ad-tracking landscape. Additionally, new measurement and reporting strategies will be required, so that brands can properly evaluate return on marketing investment once users must opt-in to IDFA.

It’s important for brands to prepare for these ecosystem changes by taking specific steps moving forward. This paper provides guidance to understand both the old operating model and the future state.
What’s changing as part of iOS 14
Now that Apple’s identifier for advertisers (IDFA) will be opt-in for every app, brands will no longer be able to rely on this tool to determine if individual users clicked on an advertisement in an app.
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