In brief

In brief

  • To navigate our ‘new normal’ world of work, we need to refocus and reimagine how work should be done.
  • Organizations need to revolutionize end-to-end marketing processes and operationalize departments to deliver consistent personalized experiences.
  • Organizations who prioritize overcoming operational silos by driving a culture of collaboration will outperform their competitors.

Overcoming the marketing silo

In the hyper-competitive digital economy, marketers need to develop a culture of collaboration while still enabling outstanding creativity. Delivering impactful, relevant, personalized content every time is at the core of good marketing. However, talented teams, dedication and great ideas no longer guarantee success – your brand needs to work smarter not harder. How do you get ahead when departments are trapped in silos and use divergent measurements and have constantly shifting priorities? Read on to learn how marketing organizations can move into the future letting go of operating models of the past.


of marketers say they receive inadequate support from other teams


say their top workplace challenge is siloed systems and data


of creatives report being forced to abandon great ideas during their past year because they didn’t have time to pursue them

Pivot to the future and unlock value in your organization today by removing silos, driving collaboration and streamlining your end-to-end marketing operations.

About the Authors

Jessica Arthurs

Digital Strategy Manager – Accenture Song

Rachna Sundaram

Lead – Adobe Business Group, Europe


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