Optimizing operations is critical to organizations

While working toward digital excellence, organizations typically identify areas that will require transformation and automation in order to achieve their goals. These operations must match the organization’s customer experience (CX) vision and deliver that experience at the pace customers demand and competitive pressure require. Operations and the customer experience vision must be in sync and work together in order for this to happen.

There is a stark difference between customer experience organizations with operational rigor in place to achieve their vision and those without. They’re both playing the same game, but it’s akin to an NBA team in the finals versus a pickup basketball game at the playground. The former is much more effective and productive. Likewise, operations functioning without a well-defined customer experience vision have no defined path to follow, and risk winding up in the wrong place altogether.

For many leading brands, the operational transformation journey is more challenging, costly, and resource-demanding than expected. In order to succeed, organizations must unify their people, processes, and technology around the common goal of digital excellence. This is true whether your organization is made up of multiple entities or functions as a universe of channels reaching out to customers in new and expanding markets. Regardless of your business’ size, industry, or market, you must address the three essential areas of people, technology, and processes to operationalize your customer experiences.

In this paper, we discuss what makes optimizing operations critical, and why is it so crucial to high performing organizations.

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