Estimates are that there will be 23 million autonomous vehicles on US highways by 2035. We believe the switch to autonomous vehicles will generate at least $81 billion in new revenues in the United States between 2020 and 2025. These revenues will be derived from cyber security, product liability for sensors, software and algorithms, and insuring the security of public infrastructure.

Insurers can convert this opportunity, but they will need to move quickly to change their business models. Carriers will need new capabilities in telematics, big data and analytics, as well as new actuarial models. After 2026, insurers will begin to see auto insurance premiums drop due to the rollout of autonomous vehicles.

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The threat posed to insurers by the rapid evolution of autonomous vehicles is real, but so is the $81 billion opportunity represented by new forms of insurance.

Michelle Krause

Senior Managing Director – Insurance, Client Lead​​​

Richard Kim

Manager – Accenture Digital


Future of auto insurance with self-driving cars
Automotive Technology Vision 2019

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