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Sixty-three percent of insurers believe intelligent technologies will completely transform the industry. But how should insurers go about leveraging this new technology and implementing it in their organizations? The insurers that will benefit most from AI will be those that are prepared to rethink their approach to their people, their processes and their data. With an intelligent framework that augments their people’s work, rethinks how they operate with intelligent automation, and unlocks growth through data.

Insurers expect AI to completely transform the way they run their businesses in the next three years.


will automate tasks to a large extent in the next 3 years.


believe their organizations will be completely transformed by intelligent technologies.


believe adopting intelligent technologies will be critical to their organization’s ability to differentiate in the market.


believe smarter decision-making can be achieved through intelligent technologies that can generate information in real time.

Case study: The trusted robo-advisor

Imagine having a virtual financial adviser that truly understands your complex needs, goals and risk appetite. It would act in a proactive way to secure the future you deserve. It would work tirelessly, 24/7, 365 days a year, to understand your evolving lifestyle from the data feeds to which you've given it access. It will spot opportunities for savings on your insurance and better returns on your investments. And it won't just be able to recommend the best course of action—if you want, it will act on the decisions you make too.

Embracing intelligence

AI represents a technological revolution like no other. Unleashed from the realm of science fiction, this is a real-world technology that is ready to be implemented in insurance firms—today.

As high-powered computing becomes ever more readily available, and as vast data sets needed for training AI solutions become more accessible, the capabilities will continue to grow exponentially. The world has barely scratched the surface of AI’s possibilities.

Sharad Sachdev

Managing Director – Applied Intelligence, Solutions.AI for Customer Engagement Lead

Simon Tottman

Senior Principal ​​– Insurance Research, UK and Ireland​ Lead


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