In brief

In brief

  • Adopting the right combination of digital technologies is more critical than ever to transform businesses and drive sustainable growth.
  • What's at stake? The implementation of the right combination of technologies can save companies over US$85,000 per employee, on average.
  • Careful analysis of external factors can lead companies to adopt tech successfully or decide not to pursue certain technologies.
  • This analysis can help Industry X companies identify and invest in digital combinations that maximize business value and lead to growth.

Adopting emerging technologies open the doors to transformed business models and new experiences and products for both employees and customers. Seizing these opportunities requires careful decision-making to achieve increased efficiency and sustained growth. All too often, companies simply adopt various digital technologies piecemeal, which limits the tech’s benefits.

So how can companies succeed? By adopting and combining the right digital technologies and becoming an Industry X enterprise.

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Accenture's Industry X embraces the digital reinvention of industry and help our clients rotate to the new. See more.

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Gain more value with digital

Combining digital technologies that drive operational efficiencies with others that enable new growth is the key idea of Accenture’s Industry X approach. Companies which follow that approach strive to master this kind of technology combination and balance their digital mix to achieve efficiency and maximize investment value.

These Industry X companies can quickly determine which technologies are optimal for their business. And they excel in adopting these in an effective way that allows them to drive company-wide change.

Tomorrow’s Industry X companies will rely on not only business cases but also analysis of external factors, or value-triggers, to shape their digital transformation roadmap.

A careful analysis—and management—of these factors can help companies make better technology choices, mitigate adoption risks and maximize the return on digital investments.

David Abood

Growth and Strategy Lead – ​​Accenture Resources

Aidan Quilligan

Managing Director, Global Lead, Industry X

Raghav Narsalay

Managing Director – Global Research Lead, Industry X


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