Accenture Health is powered by real health industry experts committed to their clients and, by extension, real people and patients engaged in various health care settings. One area of expertise focused on ensuring health care payers receive the best, data-driven consulting is located behind-the-scenes.

Accenture Health Senior Manager Rich Dorsey uses his entrepreneurial skills and business acumen when working with both new and existing clients. As a part of the payer practice that works in the "back office," Dorsey’s philosophy is firmly rooted in using data and analytics to identify operational inefficiencies and drive actions that help clients realize measurable value.

“We use data and visualization tools while concurrently looking at industry trends for determining where untapped opportunities for savings and growth exist,” said Dorsey. “What can we change? How can we help our clients lower administrative and medical costs, yet still deliver competitive, affordable products and services to their customers? It all boils down to leveraging data to identify where tangible results can delivered.”

He embeds and works with clients to craft new strategies and develop methodologies that align with their program objectives. Dorsey recalls his three-year commitment with a payer that needed help navigating the new policies introduced when the Affordable Care Act went into effect. The payer wanted to find savings within their current business, then apply the savings to their customers and invest in the current line of business. At the conclusion of the project, the client increased its profitability and successfully implemented a new roadmap.

“Accenture Health helps clients from strategy phase to execution—delivering across many platforms designed for sustainability and to keep them competitive in the market,” said Dorsey. “We provide face-to-face, collaborative service recognizing that our strength is related to the diversity of our experts who reflect their workforce and customers.”

Dorsey’s enthusiasm and all-in approach is not restricted to his profession. He proudly played on the practice squad for the Lady Demon Deacons at Wake Forest for two years during college. Off the court, he is an active dog rescuer in the Chicago and Minneapolis Metropolitan area.

Accenture Health helps clients from strategy phase to execution—delivering across many platforms designed for sustainability and staying competitive.

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