Our Healthcare experts always work with our clients to apply innovation and intelligence at the heart of their organizations. Our deep bench of health innovators collaborate across the Accenture network to leverage the experience and learning from other programs to create the best-in-class solutions for clients.

Michael Brombach is part of Accenture’s Health Strategy Practice in his home state of Minnesota. Brombach majored in political science and history at the College of the Holy Cross. Throughout his academic career, he volunteered for and developed a keen interest in the non-profit sector, including a hospital. His interaction with policy decision makers and health care reform inspired him to pursue new ways to directly overcome the largest challenges facing healthcare clients.

“I knew I wanted to work in strategy consulting, but the impact of strategy engagements in the non-profit and policy sector was too far removed from the healthcare problems I wanted to solve,” said Brombach. “One of the most rewarding early experiences was when I set up one of the first clinic scribe programs that allowed doctors to focus on patient care while a ‘coder’ took care of the documentation and administrative hassle.”

For Brombach, modernizing healthcare—especially health systems—is not just about controlling costs. The industry is in turmoil and he works with large, complex hospital systems to transform the way they adapt to industry changes and create an efficient, sustainable delivery model that improves the quality of care for the patient and introduces innovative ways of delivery for clinicians, like virtual care.

A community-based children’s hospital recognized that they needed to revamp their business model so as to stay competitive against well-funded academic hospital systems. Accenture Health bid for the project because Brombach and his colleagues understood the best way for their clients to remain relevant, grow their network, and leverage patient centric innovations to better serve their community. The hospital selected Accenture Health’s proposal and entered into a partnership, which has now yielded six additional projects across various parts of the organization to overcome their most difficult problems.

“First, we understood what they really wanted to achieve, then we tailored how we were going to work with them to develop a strategic plan that would have the most impact for them,” said Brombach. “When we develop a strategy and vision with a client, it is based on the tools, research and insights we have—like where their local market is changing or what is disrupting the industry—without overwhelming them. We also bring the right people to the table, including the delivery leads, experts, authors and architects that are designing the strategy.”

Brombach’s talent for figuring out extremely complicated issues, working with international colleagues, and creating solutions and adding value for clients providing good health care keeps him motivated. Always active, he enjoys traveling, restoring classic cars, renovating houses and back mountain skiing around the globe.

When we develop a strategy and vision with a client, it is based on the tools, research and insights we have without overwhelming them.

Michael Brombach

Health Innovation Expert


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