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Maureen Vieira joined Accenture in 2002 after transitioning from a successful nursing career providing patient care in surgical and trauma ICUs and case management into healthcare consulting. She used her BSN in nursing, master’s in Health Care Management, and certification in case management (CCM) to work as a nurse case manager for payers and providers.

“I joined Accenture as an “experienced hire” to help build the provider Clinical Operations practice that includes: capacity management, care management and clinical care standardization,” said Vieira. “Accenture had the foresight to attract multi-faceted industry experts familiar with both provider and payer environments. Our clients in need of specialized clinical expertise find it with us.”

When a large, faith-based provider organization wanted to streamline and standardize their clinical care models to improve early detection and treatment of sepsis, our experts worked hand-in-hand with their client clinical counterparts. Their successful collaboration resulted in the establishment and implementation of innovative practice protocols for clinicians to support early detection and aggressive treatment of this life-threatening infection. In one year, the hospital reportedly saved over 400 lives, recorded an 18 percent decline in sepsis-related mortality rates, and realized more than $16M in cost reduction.

For Vieira, learning never stops. As a principal director, she understands that Accenture’s global leadership and expertise in advanced and emerging technologies like AI, Robotic Process Automation, blockchain and “leading with data” provide insights and innovation that give clients a competitive edge. Her professional evolution from clinical nurse to consulting delivery lead to a health practice business expert has allowed her to pivot from caring for one patient at a time to implementing programs and practices that affect hundreds of patients served by our clients.

“Organizations typically decide to partner with Accenture when they have either a resource or skillset gap or when changes need to happen in an accelerated fashion,” said Vieira. “Clients often choose Accenture because of our deep industry experience. We become a trusted advisor by being collaborative and transparent, we experience the challenges with them and, their concerns become our concerns.”

Thanks to her husband’s 23-year active duty Navy career, they have lived all over the country, adopting the phrase that “anywhere you hang your hat is home.” Her global experiences have served her well, as she continually broadens her depth of knowledge and applies it to her professional career.

We become a trusted advisor of our clients by being collaborative and transparent, we experience the challenges with them and, their concerns become our concerns.

Maureen T. Vieira

Expert – Clinical Operations, Healthcare Provider


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