Accenture Health invests in attracting and retaining top global talent for its Health Strategy Department, which focuses on crafting long-term solutions using innovative resources and forward-thinking ideas.

Lisa K. Branding was inspired to join Accenture Health as a strategist after her experience in the health care industry during her studies at Vanderbilt University. After witnessing numerous—and preventable—disconnections between clinicians and patients at the pediatric hospital where she volunteered, Branding resolved to help find solutions. She earned a Master of Health Services Administration from the University of Michigan. Lisa joined Accenture post that, identifying the company as a solutions-driven firm, most respected for its motivated workforce and satisfied clients.

“Accenture’s biggest assets are its people and our ability to convene talent across industries and locations,” said Branding. “Our teams approach projects with diverse mindsets, which helps us find solutions for our clients that enable them to achieve their goals, implement sustainable models, and make a lasting and impactful difference for their patients and members.”

In her role as a manager in the Health Strategy Department, Branding collaborates with global health strategy experts on different projects with the right teams to serve her clients. She believes that bringing cross-industry expertise and data-driven solutions results in more valuable and comprehensive results for the client.

Branding recently worked with a pediatric hospital that wanted to increase its digital presence and advance its health population strategy. She coordinated a venerable team of subject matter experts from the Health Strategy, Digital Health, Fjord, and Management Consulting arms of Accenture Health and the team arrived at a solution that enabled the hospital to evolve and thrive within the healthcare ecosystem.

“The hospital had a great experience working with our team. They recognized that we brought the right people to the table and that we were all dedicated to solving their specific problems,” she said. “Knowing that the work I’m doing is positively impacting lives and that the health consumer will benefit from these game-changing solutions is what matters the most to me.”

To stay sharp, Branding runs along Washington, D. C.’s National Mall. She’s still trying to figure out how to incorporate the popular musical “Hamilton” or “Game of Thrones” into Accenture Health Strategy projects.

The client recognized that we brought the right people to the table and that we were all dedicated to solving their specific problems.

Lisa K. Branding

Healthcare Business Strategy Expert


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