Accenture Health consists of a large network of experts, all of whom represent a pragmatic and global array of backgrounds, cultures and perspectives. As with any large organization, there is a leader who is tasked with steering the practice in the right direction. In North America, Managing Director Kristin Ficery is at the helm.

Ficery leads Accenture’s Health Care Provider Consulting practices in both the United States and Canada. Her 25-year background in strategy and development for providers, digital companies, and healthcare consulting prepared her well. She was one of the founding members of Accenture’s Growth Strategy practice and led Accenture’s North American Mergers, Acquisitions & Alliances business before transitioning into Accenture’s Management Consulting business for Health & Public Service – which grew by more than 50% in three years.

Ficery’s commitment to all aspects of health care is rooted in her family history. The granddaughter of a small-town physician outside of Pittsburgh, she saw firsthand the impact that his practice had on the community. She would help her grandfather in his office, located on the side of the house, with various tasks and never forgot his ability to establish trust, provide personal service, and create partnerships with his patients.

“I liked that his medical practice was impacting lives and the community as a whole, and he delivered generations of babies during his 60-years as the town physician,” said Ficery. “He taught me the importance of trusted relationships and for delivering the best care possible. That’s why I believe that – as health care consultants – we can transform the industry and create opportunities for advancement by understanding how to facilitate access to high-quality care.”

For nearly 15 years, Ficery has worked with the leadership team of a large health system in Atlanta. After successfully updating their internal clinical systems with cutting-edge technology, the hospitals experienced tremendous results in patient care – including delivering 148 babies in two days immediately following the conversion without issue. She still leads that account because she believes in their goals and values the partnership.

“During this two-year project, we planned, scoped, designed, tested, and trained 13,000 employees on the new systems to ensure that we fulfilled the client’s needs,” said Ficery. “We de-risk things and strive to do whatever it takes to add value. Clients recognize that we are in the trenches with them as they undertake a tremendous transformation.”

She works side-by-side with her teams, providing support or filling in for consultants as needed.

“I still engage with clients and like to be in the marketplace with my teams,” said Ficery. “Pulling people out of Accenture is hard because everyone is equal. We’re Accenture: we fill voids seamlessly.”

Ficery holds three patents, is the author of over a dozen articles, and lectures about business transformations at the Kellogg Business School and the University of Georgia’s business and law schools. A graduate from Vanderbilt University and The Wharton School, she is based in Atlanta and enjoys coaching her children in tennis with her husband, gardening, and spending time with her pets.

Clients recognize that we are in the trenches with them as they undertake a tremendous transformation.

Kristin L. Ficery

Managing Director, Lead – North American, Provider Consulting


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