When Healthcare organizations decide to leap into the New, staying competitive through the transition is critical. That’s where Accenture Health’s industry experts help clients turn ideas into reality.

Business strategist Christian Nejm has kept his finger on the pulse of Australia’s and New Zealand’s health care trends since joining Accenture in 2006. He is often the first team member to meet with executive level decision makers ready to drive a transformation, explore new lines of business, and looking to engage more customers—all without interruptions to service or delivery.

“The health care industry in AAPAC is catching up with the traditional first movers like banking, knowledge and technology and now getting into the fast lane of disruption,” said Nejm. “Traditionally, the power, knowledge, and technology sat with the health care provider (or clinician). Now, with more tools and more informed citizens, the power is shifting towards the consumer.”

Nejm has served in a variety of roles for clients: as a peripheral advisor, strategic problem-solver, and a long-term guide for those on a multi-year, multi-tiered trajectory. The one thing they have in common? Complex and challenging problems. He recalls working with a large health system in Australia struggling to interpret their own strategy and execute it under a tight schedule and budget. Nejm and a cross-section of Accenture’s health industry experts and thought leaders worked with the organization’s executives to develop a game-plan and series of initiatives that their leadership would support, and that would help deliver their strategic objectives with time to spare.

Nejm also suggests that health and social sectors shouldn’t operate in silos. They are interrelated, and collectively, these social and external factors comprise up to 70 percent of health conditions. To that end, he helps clients design tools and analytics to capture empirical evidence used to identify future best practices and craft innovative health solutions, that can bridge these disciplines. He also advises clients on capitalizing on new and emerging technology, for instance genomics, “This is a new frontier, consumers and clinicians want it, and health systems need to figure out how to make it accessible, and meaningful.”

Christian prioritizes client and business needs first and believes in providing trusted advice in every stage of programs, “We do our best work when the client has decided they’re up for change, are open to new ideas, and looking for someone to help come up with an actionable plan. Clients come to us because they know—from word of mouth or previous experiences—we bring right people to the table and deliver the best outcome for the client.”

Born in Cairo, Egypt, and educated in France and Australia, Nejm enjoys working on things that matter. For him, improving the efficiency of health systems and ultimately people’s lives is the second passion that drives him. The first? Being a great dad to his 2-year-old daughter every chance he gets.

Clients come to us as they know—from word of mouth or prior experience—we bring right people to the table and deliver the best outcome for the client

Christian Nejm​

Healthcare Business Strategy Expert​​


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