While the healthcare industry may be doing better at preventing security breaches than other industries around the globe, cyberattacks are still a very real threat. The business cost of these breaches and attacks in the healthcare industry is above other industries and is only continuing to rise. Different types of attack create different issues, often causing healthcare organizations to lose focus. Better prevention and faster detection comes from a balanced approach with innovation and investment in new technologies.

Take a look into some of the causes and consequences of cybersecurity and its cost to the healthcare industry. From phishing and denial of service to malicious code and malicious insiders, your healthcare organization has the information needed to improve cybersecurity effectiveness. Gain insight on the impact of cyberattacks, determine your next steps and take advantage of the innovation opportunity this offers your organization.

The high cost of false confidence

Accenture Health’s cybersecurity expert, Reza Chapman, managing director, cybersecurity, reveals where healthcare executives have blind spots in cybersecurity, and the potential monetary losses that could result.

Compliance vs. security

Reza Chapman discusses the differences between the compliance and security approaches in healthcare cybersecurity.

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