In brief

In brief

  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) organizations can maximize their value contribution and impact by adopting new ways of working.
  • For many, business agility has become a critical success factor and they expect the same from their support and advisory functions.
  • 62% of chief financial officers (CFOs) see an increase in the demand for insights and analytics from financial data to help drive business outcomes.

Business leaders today must excel in operational agility to be able to predict and respond to changing market conditions and potential future threats and opportunities.

For many, business agility has become a critical success factor and they expect the same from their support and advisory functions.

We in finance have been stating for some time our ambition to become the analytical and insights powerhouse of our organization. We see analytics hubs and forward-looking capabilities being established across our organization.

The missing link

It is no longer sufficient for a controlling department to focus on historical number crunching, financial report generation, annual planning and forecast preparation.

FP&A is expected to serve as advisors in strategic decision making, synthesizing data from all parts of the organization to unlock hidden value and spot future threats.

Agility adds value

Business agility is a way of describing organizations that deliver fast and responsibly, innovate and disrupt, and continuously adapt their structures and ways of collaboration.

By embracing an agile mindset and replacing traditional structures and behaviors with new ways of working, FP&A teams will maximize their value contribution and impact.

How to achieve agility in FP&A

The FP&A organization needs to focus on developing capabilities in four essential areas, built upon the foundation of agile leadership and digital enablement.

Business partnership

Form strategic and value-focused relationships with business stakeholders to identify opportunities, measure actions and decide on investments.

Becoming a 'learning organization'

Drive performance improvements and innovation through iterative cycles based on empirical data, allowing room to ‘fail fast’.

Modern management

Evolve performance management and decision making through outcome-based accountability and funding.


Empower cross-functional teams and networks, fund value streams, flatten the reporting hierarchies, align organizational structures to customer value.

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Become a more relevant and innovative FP&A function

Today, many FP&A organizations are facing a serious risk: they still operate in traditional ways and are not set up to perform the role leadership needs them to play. Business leaders look for fast, proactive and analytics-driven decision support on their side at all times to steer the business strategically and respond to changing market conditions.

Jens Frister

Strategy & Consulting Executive – CFO & Enterprise Value Frankfurt, Germany

Carsten Veit

Business Agility Coach – Technology Brisbane, Australia

Matthew Cain

Strategy & Consulting Senior Manager – CFO & Enterprise Value Melbourne, Australia


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