Recent years have been a positive story for US business. After a decade of sluggish performance, GDP growth is healthy, corporate profits have repeatedly exceeded 20 percent year-on-year growth, and there has been welcome stimulus from tax reform.

There are some challenging times ahead, however. After a period of market turbulence, businesses can expect volatility in the wake of quantitative tightening and an end to the current growth cycle. Most concerning of all, the escalating trade war is creating uncertainty—there will be an impact on business, but its severity remains unknown.


expect to be spending time identifying and preparing for volatile future scenarios.

In this landscape, corporate leadership needs to define a compelling vision for the future. Across the US, investors are looking for assurance that recent growth can be upheld. They want credible strategies to generate new value despite changing conditions. And, as Accenture’s latest research illustrates, many will turn to the CFO—with their holistic view of the enterprise—for answers.


of US CFOs say they are best placed to deliver sophisticated insight through advanced analytics.

See how the new CFO is adapting to a changing financial landscape, utilizing transformative new technology to disrupt, innovate and generate value for business in the United States.

"The CFO is in a perfect position to anticipate and also realize the future of the business. Most organizations know where they want to go, but they struggle when it comes to enabling just how to get there. The CFO is using data and analytics to understand the journey and map out the course, while focusing increasingly on value."

– DAVID DAVIDSON, Managing Director – Accenture Strategy CFO and Enterprise Value

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Paul Boulanger

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Capability Network

David Davidson

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy CFO and Enterprise Value


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