As the world moves into a post-digital era, media companies are setting their sights beyond their organization's digital transformation, moving toward shaping how business partners, employees and individuals interact with the world through technology. To succeed, future-minded leaders know that, in addition to using every digital tool in their current arsenal, they'll also need new ones.

That means embracing a group of emerging technologies to drive the next waves of innovation and growth. Specifically, they will need to achieve mastery of the set of new technologies we call DARQ: distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence, extended reality and quantum computing.

Digital disruptors have changed consumer expectations forcing a shift in how media organizations drive unique experiences. Embracing the next generation of DARQ technologies will enable them to reimagine customer expectations in the future.

AI already plays a critical role in optimizing processes and influencing strategic decision-making. Extended reality, an immersive technology, creates entirely new ways for people to experience and engage with the world around them. Distributed ledgers will expand networks by eliminating the need for trusted third parties. And quantum technology will usher in novel ways to approach and solve the hardest computational problems.


of media executives are already experimenting with one or more DARQ technologies, expecting them to be key differentiators.

Artificial Intelligence

36% of media execs ranked AI as the DARQ Technology that will have the greatest impact on their business over the next 3 years:

  • AI is already a powerful tool, with nearly all media organizations investing in experimenting with the tech.
  • One of AI’s strongest applications is managing advertising operations, to maximize their accuracy and efficiency.

Extended reality (XR)

23% of media execs ranked extended reality as the tech likely to have the greatest impact over the next 3 years:

  • That finding demonstrates the potential of this platform for media content owners & distributors.
  • The next stage of XR is now arriving, with VR experiences supporting new ways to interact with live events.


Distributed ledger technologies like blockchain will increasingly support and protect the technology-based partnerships that media businesses need to grow and compete.

Quantum computing

Quantum computing’s enormous power will enable other DARQ technologies to reach new heights:

  • Quantum could speed up complex AI-driven recommendation engines to deliver personalization with unprecedented precision.
  • Likewise, applied to programmatic ad buying could enable almost instant responses to market trends to drive targeting in real time.

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Overall, DARQ will enable the post-digital era of business and technology, and those looking to lead in that era must start now.

Shad Family

Managing Director, Lead – Media and Entertainment, North America


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