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Child welfare solutions: A new age


Every day, child welfare case workers are challenged by their jobs. Challenged to protect the unprotected, challenged to keep up with their deadlines and challenged to document their case load with ever increasing requirements. Technology now provides tremendous opportunities to improve how case workers work with their families, to improve safety and well-being for vulnerable children. These opportunities are both profound and transformational. A more generative mindset, linking data across Health, Human Services, Education, Court, Policing and Corrections agencies creates an unprecedented opportunity for improved outcomes for families. We look to this model as the future of how Child Welfare agencies can go from data entry to data driven, from single stream to holistic support, from siloed to inclusive. Enablement of professional mobile field staff with access to their cases, their data and their families has become critical path for agency success.


A new vision for child welfare

In the new age of Child Welfare solutions, agencies can innovate like never before. With advanced case management systems, integration architectures and platforms, analytics, mobility and multi-program solutions, we work together with our clients to achieve true innovation and collaboration leveraging new technology to improve citizens' lives.


Understanding how Technology affects the workforce

After the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Children and Families distributed 2,400 iPads to social workers, it soon became clear that more could be done to make the most of the devices. So the Department analyzed the rollout and created a blueprint for a mobile-enabled future. The blueprint is coming to life through prioritized activities and initiatives. All of this supports the Department’s commitment to provide families with timely and efficient access to information and services while equipping its workforce with effective tools.


A plea for change

From Catching People When They Fall to Lifting Them as They Rise

From Catching People When They Fall to Lifting Them as They Rise


"There’s so much more that I want to do for the kids. Some days, though, I feel like I’m doing everything but spending time helping them.”
– State agency caseworker


Sean Toole
Managing Director, Accenture Human Services

Sean Toole is the child welfare portfolio lead for Accenture. Sean has been managing human services programs since 1990, with a focus on enterprise wide transformational change projects and innovations, including early work on mobility, data warehousing, and the use of private cloud solutions. Sean has recently led large scale Human Services modernization efforts in solutions in Texas, Georgia and Kansas.

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