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Video is the new voice

Expanding the video ecosystem for enhanced communication, performance and cost reduction.


Accenture’s Expanding Global Videoconferencing Ecosystem, With Tools for Every Situation

  • 340,000 Accenture professionals enabled with Lync desktop video.

  • Average 8.4 million videoconferencing minutes per month.

  • Telepresence systems, high-definition Jabber, EX and SX series video devices are available.

Videoconferencing anytime, anywhere is changing the way we work.

As video becomes the new voice across corporate enterprises, Accenture is leading the way, expanding the video ecosystem to link our employees with one another and with our clients.

The majority of our people are able to add video to an existing audio call with a single click. Video is quickly becoming the new "voice" across Accenture.

Nearly 200,000 Accenture videoconferencing meetings happen each month around the world, including Lync and Jabber personal video devices, high-definition Telepresence video, EX Series personal video and Roundtable team videoconferencing. The actual tool matters less than the impact videoconferencing as a whole is having on productivity and performance.

Teaming without Traveling


Find out how cutting-edge communication technologies are transforming the way Accenture works, benefiting our clients, our people and our stakeholders.

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