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Maximizing smart grid technologies for high performance

Utilities are using metrics to determine how well the grid operates in terms of reliability and network availability.


In North America and Europe, government funding for smart grid initiatives has ushered in a new wave of reporting requirements. Around the world, utilities and government agencies are working on quantifying and defining the most meaningful smart grid measures.

To understand what utilities are doing in smart grid metrics, Accenture surveyed utilities around the globe. The survey was designed to collect a representative sampling of metrics used to track the extent to which the grid is being modernized and how performance is tracked. In conducting the survey and its subsequent analysis, we found regional synergies and differences spanning the drivers/objectives of the modernization efforts to the metrics used, and the frequency of their use. This paper delves into a “metrics inventory” to explore not only what utilities measure, but also how they are measured and who specifically has responsibility for the measurement.

Click here to download the full article. Unlocking the Value of Metrics. This opens a new window.Read the report [PDF, 2.74 MB]

Key Findings

This report provides detail and analysis around two key findings:

  • Although utilities have accelerated their implementation of smart grid technologies, many have yet to realize all targeted benefits, which is where metrics play a critical role.

  • While utilities are using metrics to measure smart grid performance, many could benefit from additional data and benchmarks to maximize the value of follow-on analysis.

Successful utilities will not be those that invest the most, but those that invest most effectively in smart grid technologies, while at the same time reaping the multiple benefits that arise from modern smart grids.

The fact finding and decision making regarding which technology to apply and which is most beneficial to a utility relies on the deployment of standardized, multidiscipline, multisource metrics that measure the impact of the installed technology in terms of improvement to end customers, the utility and society as a whole.

Selection of specific smart grid metrics should be performed carefully, as the monitoring and communication of metric results will influence the behavior of stakeholder groups over time and the direction and speed of the smart grid evolution.


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