Unleash the power of personalization

Personalized experiences will transform the way people interact with government.


Leading commercial organizations are delivering exceptional customer experiences. These digitally enabled, personalized experiences are improving service quality, driving down delivery cost and strengthening customer engagement and satisfaction. And, increasingly, people are looking for the same kinds of personalized experiences when they interact with government.

Personalization can cover a broad range of capabilities—from self-service to assisted digital experiences to outbound and inbound marketing to learn more about a customer’s intent. The common goal: using data to make it easier for customers to find and consume what they want, how and when they want it.

Through personalization, it’s possible to dynamically interpret an individual’s intent. With those insights, communications and experiences can be uniquely tailored to help achieve that intent as quickly, easily and pleasantly as possible—across digital and physical touchpoints—at scale.


New Accenture research shows that citizens increasingly expect commercial-caliber experiences from government. A 2016 Accenture Public Service Pulse Survey found that 85 percent of citizens expect the same or higher quality from government digital services as from commercial organizations.1
That marks a rapid increase from the 2014 survey—when just 73 percent of citizens said they expected government to meet or beat commercial standards. Similarly, in Accenture’s survey, 40 percent of citizens cited a personalized digital experience as valuable. By 2016, more than half (54 percent) pointed to the importance of personalized experiences.2

1Accenture Public Service Pulse Survey – Digital Expectations, 4/7/2016
2Accenture Public Service Pulse Survey – Digital Expectations, 4/7/2016


The research underscores the reality that people in today’s digital world have one set of standards for service providers. No longer differentiating by source—retailers, banks, transportation providers or government—customers’ expectations are like water flowing freely across all aspects of their lives. These “liquid expectations” represent a sea change for marketing in commercial sectors—and for customer engagement in government.3  Whether citizens, veterans, employees, military service members or other customers of federal agencies, users expect the same level of interaction, transparency and simplicity from government that they have in their everyday lives.

3Living Services: The next wave in the digitization of everything


For agencies, implementing effective personalized experiences will be an ongoing journey, and many agencies may be uncertain where and how to start. Accenture recommends the 4R Personalization Framework to help in determining how best to move forward with personalization initiatives that add value—while meeting federal requirements for privacy and security.

The 4R Personalization Framework offers a practical approach to exploring opportunities:

  • Recognize – Identify customers and new audiences

  • Remember – Use previous activity to anticipate future needs

  • Recommend – Present the most relevant content, services and products

  • Relevance – Consider the customer context

The 4R Personalization Framework



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