Top three reasons to think of Accenture in core banking

Accenture provides support for banks in all aspects of the core banking transformation journey.


Accenture is uniquely positioned to support banks in all aspects of their core banking transformation, providing a set of broad, innovative, end-to-end core banking offerings and predictable business outcomes.

Responding to today’s market forces and addressing profitability challenges and growth ambitions, leading banks are shifting to a new generation of core banking capabilities. There is much to gain in doing so successfully—fast growth and up to 15 percent lower cost/income ratio.

The right approach to successful core banking transformation also includes having an experienced, multi-faceted change partner—a key to developing and maintaining innovative core banking capabilities. This brochure discusses the top three reasons banks should choose Accenture for support in their core banking efforts.

The new normal in the banking landscape is now visible—a sustainable return on equity (RoE) of 12 percent is a viable target. This is lower than what many, including Accenture, considered achievable for the world’s high performing institutions several years ago, and it will be a stretch for many others. The efforts to sustain or restore returns at this level are forcing most banks into a new wave of transformation that this time has to be structural.

Key Findings

Core banking transformation and new technology can contribute to success in this challenging environment, Accenture’s research and work with leading banks around the world has allowed us to identify eight key factors that set high-performance banks apart from their competitors:

  • Customer-centric universal banking model

  • Multichannel distribution model

  • Industrialized operating model

  • Prudent risk management policies

  • Strong capital management discipline

  • Ability to export and replicate the model

  • Leading-edge technology

  • Superior talent management

When coupled with execution excellence, these elements create a foundation for banks to achieve growth and reignite shareholder value.


Three reasons to think of Accenture for a core banking transformation:

Support for banks in all aspects of the core banking transformation journey.
Combining high-value consulting with extensive systems integration and outsourcing capabilities, Accenture leverages state-of-the-art assets and alliances, a portfolio of industry knowledge, innovative tools and a global network of experienced professionals.

Innovative ideas and industrialized offerings. Accenture has developed a set of broad, innovative, end-to-end core banking offerings, including:

  • Selective capability building

  • International expansion and consolidation

  • Acquisition engine

  • Corporate banking

  • Rightsizing

  • Utility banking

  • Core banking transformation: business transformation and IT transformation

Predictable business outcomes. Accenture Core Banking Services offers:

  • Banking industry and specialty skills

  • Innovative software-based solutions and longstanding alliances

  • One of the largest, most diverse delivery networks in the world

  • Broad set of methodologies, frameworks and accelerators

  • A track record of implementation success

For banks that have decided to change, Accenture has the banking industry knowledge, assets, people and tools to accelerate the journey and help mitigate the risk.


Transforming core banking capabilities for the new normal
Supporting the structural transformation needed to sustain the return on equity (RoE) dictated by the new normal is forcing banks into a new journey. Accenture views successful core banking transformation as an opportunity to navigate the right path on that journey.

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