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Technology Vision 2018

Intelligent Enterprise Unleashed

Five technology trends shaping the future of business

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Tech Trends Summary

  • Five technology trends are upping the game and allowing companies to tap into the powerful potential of intelligent enterprise, creating new business opportunities and helping to change the world as we know it.
  • Leading companies are improving the way we live with new products and services that will become indispensable in the future.
  • Business is getting personal. Leaders must shift their mindsets and business models to focus on forging strong, trusted relationships with partners, customers, employees, governments, and more.

Technology is embedded in everything we do, improving the ways we live, work, and experience the world. But there’s a larger transformation at play–a shift beyond digital into an era where tech is built into every single interaction. Accenture’s 2018 Tech Vision digs into the IT trends that are rapidly reshaping not just daily life, but society as a whole, and allowing businesses in every industry to reimagine what’s possible.

Disruption courtesy of emerging technologies is nothing new, in fact, we predicted it. But this latest transformation is unique. For the first time, the change is a two-way street. People aren’t just using products and services, but feeding information and access back to them. To deliver integrated innovation, companies need a profound level of insight into people’s lives. For intelligent enterprise, this level of connection—and this degree of trust—require a new type of relationship. It’s not just business. It’s personal. And it’s how leaders will redefine their company based on the company they keep.

About the Authors

Paul Daugherty

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Accenture

Marc Carrel-Billiard

Senior Managing Director, Accenture Labs and Extended Reality

Michael Biltz

Managing Director, Accenture Technology Vision


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“There’s a new obligation—and a new opportunity—for companies to engage with people differently” - @PaulDaugh, Accenture CTIO. #TechVision2018

Explore the Latest Tech Trends

These five technology trends are transforming society and creating the foundation for future enterprise growth.

Citizen AI

By “raising” AI responsibly, businesses will create a collaborative, powerful new member of the workforce.

Extended Reality

Immersive experiences are changing how we connect with people, information, and experiences.

Data Veracity

Businesses must adapt existing capabilities to combat a new kind of vulnerability: inaccurate, manipulated, and biased data that leads to corrupted business insights.

Frictionless Business

To fully power the external technology-based partnerships they depend on for growth, companies must first move on from internal legacy systems and re-architect themselves.

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The five IT trends in this year’s report reflect the transformed relationships businesses have with people, and how the innovations in our 2018 Technology Vision are changing the world and creating revolutionary growth across industries.

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Get the executive summary, all five trends, and the bigger picture. Find out how this year’s report fits within our current three-year set of technology trends. Dig in to the full Tech Vision, from start to finish.

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Get an audio overview of the tech innovations and trends essential to success as relationships shift from business to personal.

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Are you ready to redefine your company based on the company you keep? Here’s your 20-minute primer on where to start.


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A quick overview of this year’s main theme.

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Technology is changing society. But the unprecedented access and influence businesses enjoy today come with a new set of responsibilities.

Expectations are growing–from customers, employees, business partners, governments, and more. Transformation is the key to meeting these expectations, and leaders are redefining their companies based on the company they keep.

Learn more about the Intelligent Enterprise

The Technology Vision team discusses this year’s theme in depth. How will your business become intrinsic to society?

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Find out how this year’s five technology trends are creating new business opportunities and helping to change the world as we know it.

About the Research

Every year, our Tech Vision team partners with Accenture Research to pinpoint the emerging technology developments that will have the greatest impact on companies, government agencies, and other organizations over the next three years. These trends have significant impact across industries, and are actionable for businesses today.


business and IT executives were surveyed, across 9 roles and 18 different industries.


countries were included in this year's survey to understand the global impact of technology and identify priority technology investments over the next few years.

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Trend 1 – Citizen AI

By “raising” AI responsibly, businesses will create a collaborative, powerful new member of the workforce.

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