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Cloud Challenges

Migrating to the cloud can be frustrating

Many times, when making the move to adopt Cloud, enterprises mistakenly follow a “legacy first” route instead of taking advantage of the new capabilities Cloud has to offer. Instead, Accenture advises on four major cloud scenarios to drive technological change.

1The New, The Right Way 2Integrated and
Managed Co-Existence
Migration and Optimization
4Apply the New Techniques to Streamline and Optimize Legacy
The New, The Right Way

At the beginning, companies can learn the most. It enables new processes and empowers a fresh workforce using new technologies.

Integrated and managed co-existance

Integrate new capabilities within the portfolio and across the organization’s legacy environment.

Purpose-Driven Migration and Optimization

Migration is what most companies attempt to do first. Instead of moving at scale and re-hosting existing applications, organizations should take a purpose-driven approach.

Apply the New Techniques to Streamline and Optimize Legacy

Transform the legacy footprint while streamlining operations. Companies will continue to live in a world with both new and legacy capabilities.

Our Perspective

Strategies for Communications, Media & Technology Companies

Migration frustration

Communications, Media and Technology companies still struggle to optimize cloud adoption, largely because each enterprise requires unique implementation and migration strategies. Find out how to benefit from a fully optimized cloud deployment.

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The future isn’t coming. It’s already here.

The right cloud-first strategy unlocks innovation, creating limitless possibilities.

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The future isn't coming. It's already here

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