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Shared services for federal agencies: Webcast replay—Podcast

Empowering federal management to Focus on mission.

As deadlines approach, federal agencies must decide whether to become shared service providers or to consolidate and use the services of another organization. For those agencies that opt to use another’s services, an essential first step is understanding the unique processes, procedures and requirements of the organization. Moving to shared services requires careful planning for the transition, and a strategically piloted implementation strategy that anticipates and prepares for challenges will produce the best results.

Shared services are rapidly becoming an imperative for many agencies—and for good reason. Federal Management users of shared services are better able to focus on their missions and core competencies, leaving the administrative and back-office functions to shared service providers.

Listen as Accenture Federal Services’ Elaine Beeman and Ron Ash explain more of the efficiencies shared services can bring at the federal, state and regional levels.

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