Redesigning the back office for government transformation

Public service is under pressure to deliver more with less. The key to delivering? Transforming the back office.


Public service agencies across the board under pressure from all stakeholders, including officials and citizens. To deliver to those expectations and create the public service for the future requires transformational change. With many of the easy changes already taken care of, other more challenging journeys must now be undertaken. Transforming the back office to carry out transactional processing at the lowest possible cost can release resources to focus on value adding activities such as advisory and analytical roles that will support improved citizen services.

The Accenture Government Transformation Toolkit enables public services agencies to address the challenges they face, with a business-driven approach to creating a successful strategy for back office transformation.


The Accenture Government Transformation Toolkit provides the tools, techniques and methodologies combined with in-depth public service experience to help public service agencies rapidly initiate and implement back office transformation.



The Accenture Government Transformation Toolkit embraces six key activities, from assessing service delivery strategy through to best practice workshops, which create an invaluable platform for back office transformation projects.

  1. Set the Strategy
  2. Quantify the Value
  3. Apply Analytics
  4. Assess Back-Office Process
  5. Evaluate Organizational Readiness for Change
  6. Identify Best Practices


The Accenture Government Transformation Toolkit provides starting points and tools to jump-start transformation projects with the ability to zero-in on the changes that will drive the greatest value and realize hard-dollar savings.

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